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FastRack - Single Rack

FastRack - Single Rack

  • $ 1399

The FastRack is the cleanest way to drain, stack, and store your empties!  When bottling, use the FastRack to dry out your bottles after sanitizing, and have them ready at hand to fill with your delicious homebrew!  The FastRack is very condense and takes up far less space than a bottle tree.  Use this post consumption as well to help keep all of your bottles in one place ready for rinsing.  This is an extremely sturdy system, and even when stacked over 4 levels tall, maintains stability! 

  • No Contact inside the bottles
  • FastRacks are stackable - Empty or Full
  • Faster & more compact than a Bottle Tree (especially when not in use)
  • Dishwasher safe & Made in the USA
1 FastRack
Dishwasher Safe

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