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Advantages vs. Glass Growler

  • Total light & oxygen elimination keeps your beer fresh 2-3x longer than a glass growler.

  • Exclusive patented design is the only collapsible carbonation-retaining product of its kind.

  • Proprietary sealing cap features an oxygen-scavenging material that completely rids contents of oxygen molecules.

  • Incredibly Eco-Friendly – EcoGrowler boasts an impressive 97% liquid content percentage (to material), compared to 65% for glass.

  • Lower Carbon Footprint – We can manufacture about 20 EcoGrowlers for about the same aluminum as it takes to make one can.

  • EcoGrowler is allowed and preferred where glass isn’t – Beach / Bike / Trail / Boat / Camping / Pool

  • It’s not only Reusable, it’s Lightweight and Shatterproof.



The contents of glass growlers may have a shelf life lasting only a few days due to oxidation from the residual air in the container. EcoGrowler has no airspace and without oxygen exposure you can expect a shelf life far longer than glass alternatives. The actual shelf life of any beer may vary with a number of differing factors, including the ingredients themselves. For optimum results the EcoGrowler must remain cold. The effective shelf life will vary from product to product, but we know this: eliminating oxygen and light are two essential elements in preserving the taste of beer and we accomplish these tasks better than any other packaging alternative on the market.


Users wet-seal the Ecogrowler by squeezing out all the air. The container is safety sealed by tightening the cap down on the fluid (with no airspace remaining in the growler).


Once the EcoGrowler cap is screwed down tight there is little or no airspace, meaning a greatly reduced exposure of the contents to oxygen. For those few, rogue, oxygen molecules that may remain in the package, we have incorporated the use of a specialized oxygen trap. This is built into our cap. The scavenger device lets any excess oxygen trapped inside the pouch in, but then captures the oxygen molecules and will not release them back into the contents. This specialized feature is significantly beneficial to the shelf life and fresh flavor of your beer.


We utilize a unique, proprietary, laminated structure which is FDA approved, and includes (but is not limited to) PET / AL / NY / LLDPE. Nylon allows the growler to stretch into rigidity. The inner foil layer protects the contents of the pouch as a CO2 barrier. Our outer layer is an abrasion proof coating which allows our containers to be shipped next to each other without abrasion damage. 


As brewers, we are most picky about flavor. Our unique, organoleptic film structure ensures absolute no taste alteration of your product; there is no transference of flavor from our packaging to your product whatsoever. The dense, patented film structure is designed to handle the pouch “stretch” after filling and carbonation expansion to rigidity. The interior or “contact” layer is like a vault for flavor, protecting the subtle nuances of the contents.


The simple screw-top fitment has been designed to accommodate our “carbonation cap”. This includes an oxygen scavenger layer within the cap to eliminate rogue oxygen molecules left after filling and sealing.


Unlike a bottle, the filling process is such that there is no headspace upon sealing the container. A growler filling tube is commonly used to fill from the bottom up, and reduces the amount of CO2 released in the growler. This can be a great aid to maximize the shelf life.  When using a growler filling tube, a seal such as a drilled rubber stopper between the tube and spout will aid in stretching the container and filling it to capacity.


EcoGrowler has developed and marketed the first flexible beverage container made for ALL beverages, particularly sparkling or carbonated beverages like soda, beer, champagne and carbonated energy drinks. You can carefully package wine, juices, liquor, water, or base ingredients. No matter your liquid, EcoGrowler is capable of handling it.


Important Consumer Tips:

  • Because of the thin material construction of your EcoGrowler, make sure to keep it cool. We’ve designed a fractable seal to release gas if it gets too warm, but If you’re going on a hike or a long bike ride, toss in an ice pack to keep your deliciousness in peak condition!

  • Just like any used container you utilize for food & beverage, make sure to clean your EcoGrowler thoroughly before bringing it back in to your favorite watering hole for a reload.





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