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Mini Auto Siphon

  • $ 1199

L' Auto-Siphon Mini from Fermtech.  

Perfect size for siphoning or bottling from a one gallon jug. 

  1. Sanitize and rinse your Auto Siphon.
  2. Get the inner tube gasket and the outer tube wet.
  3. Attach the curved siphon to a hose.
  4. Submerge the end of Auto Siphon into your container.
  5. If bottling directly, attach the correct bottle for the tubing you are using and place it inside your bottle wand. Otherwise place the the tubing into the container you're racking to.
  6. Pull the inner tube up until the liquid fills the tube.
  7. Pump the inner tube down and siphon will begin.
  8. Pull out the inner tube and sanitize your Auto Siphon for storage.


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