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Dried Malt Extract DME Black

Dried Malt Extract DME Black

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Give your beer that rich luscious hue that indicates a high quality brew!

Maltoferm A-6001 DME is a 100% pure malted barley extract used mainly as a natural colorant in beer. It’s made from 100% Briess Black Malt (Black Patent) and water. It has low flavor contribution to your beer when you use it at low levels. Use it to change beer color from standard to amber, or very dark. Add directly to the kettle.


For adjusting color in beer, use anywhere from 0.25 oz per 5 gallons for minor adjustments (~2.6°L), up to 2.5 oz per 5 gallons for major adjustments (~15°L). One 2 oz bag in 5 gallons will raise the color by 12°L.  Maximum recomended amount is 2.5 oz/5 gallons or 1LB per Barrel, there will be some flavor contribution at this level. 

Desired Color
Increase (°Lovibond)

Lbs/Gal Lbs/Brl OG increase Plato
1.1 °L 0.002 0.07 .0001 .026
2.3 °L 0.004 0.14 .0002 .052
3.4 °L 0.007 0.21 .0003 .077



Color (8° Plato): 350°Lovibond
Solids: 96%
Fermentability: 76%
Certification: Kosher - UMK Pareve

Click to read the spec sheet from Briess

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