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Low2 Keg Lid O-Ring | Corny Keg Lid O-ring | Superior Oxygen Barrier Properties

  • $ 599


  • 96% reduction in oxygen ingress compared to silicone O-rings when measured in a keg!
  • Made from a special blend of materials, these gaskets offer vastly improved oxygen barrier properties compared to Silicone or EPDM
  • Give your beverage the absolute best protection from oxygen staling with KegLand's Low2 O-rings!
  • The result is your beverage staying fresher for longer!
  • Compatible with any ball lock or pin lock corny-style keg with standard lid

Upgrade the storage life of your beer by replacing your standard keg lid O-ring with the new Low2 O-ring from KegLand. Even the most perfectly sealed keg is susceptible to oxygen ingress through the hatch O-ring—yes, even if the keg is under constant pressure with CO2! Even a leak-free, pressurized keg will release CO2 molecules as they pass through the lid O-ring itself, and conversely, Oxygen molecules will permeate through the O-ring and diffuse into the keg when they reach the surface area on the other side. The level of permeability is wide ranging and highly dependent on what material the O-ring is made from. Rather than the usual EPDM or Silicone, Low2 gaskets are made from a unique composition of Synthetic M-Class and Cross-Link Elastomers. This special blend has superior oxygen barrier properties that results in your beverage staying fresher for longer.

Compatible with any ball lock or pin lock corny-style keg with a standard size lid. Not compatible with Megamouth Torpedo Kegs.

KegLand Part Number: KL03063


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