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Sanke US "D" Coupler - Probe Seal, Pack of 3

  • $ 629

Over time, small beer tap parts can become worn or damaged and you can be sure that they’ll affect your flow, or cause leaks

If the bottom probe seal on your US Sankey keg coupler (also known as a D system coupler) is cracked or broken, replace it with one of these brand new rubber probe seals and in no time your system will be pouring as good as new.

If you’re someone who goes through a lot of kegs or likes to switch up the beers you serve, it’s a good idea to keep extra keg coupler parts like these on hand.

Includes 3 washers in a convenient zip lock bag.


  • Custom made to fit US "D" Sankey couplers only
  • Made of rubber
  • Can fix leaks or help with flow problems in your system

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